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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Don't Let the Ducks Out!

I'm going to get ducks.

No, it's not a disease, and no, it's not on the menu.

I am going to get 6 Muscovy ducklings and raise them in the backyard.

When I was little, my parents went to an auction and came home with 3 ducklings - one for each of my siblings and myself.  Mine was named Baby.  She was glorious and adventurous and I loved her dearly. 

I was reading through a good magazine - Grits - trying to decide if I could/should get chickens.  I've wanted chickens for years now, but I know I couldn't kill them and I can only eat so many eggs.  I've learned that I could loose my house insurance if I tried to sell eggs from the home, so that's out.  And although chickens would improve the soil and get rid of bugs, they are loud, noisy, smelly and not real smart.  The last article in this magazine was about ducks - the ease of raising them, etc.  It listed various breeds and their pros and cons.  Muscovy ducks make good mothers, they are more intelligent than the average duck, very playful with a dog-like loyalty, and eat bugs and respond with good soil additives.  Well, REALLY SMELLY additives, but everything has a bad side.  Plus, Muscovy ducks don't quack. 

I want ducks.  I can't get it out of my head.  I have wondered if there is a psychological disorder regarding the desire to raise ducks...  But specifically, I want to raise Muscovies and let them populate my part of the world.  I have a pond.  I'll have to dig out the old leaves, patch the cement, and fill it with water.  But in the meantime, the ducks can share Daisy's kiddie pool.  I have a fenced in area - where my garden went the last three years -- I don't feel like gardening this summer, but the soil will be in terrific shape the following year if I pen the ducks in there now.  The rest of my back yard is fenced in and has plenty of safe places and is a smorgasbord - for fowls.

However, I also have possums and raccoons and owls and hawks and eagles who pass through/above my yard.  So as vigilant as I'm planning to be, I will also have to take into consideration that I may loose some ducklings.  I don't name goldfish because the second I name them, they die, and then I'm left grieving a  named fish.  You'd think someone who strongly believes that there is life after this life wouldn't have such a terrible time with death.  But I do.  I always have, from the very first little sparrow that I found outside and brought it in to be nursed back to health, but it didn't heal.  I was about 5; we were  in North Dakota ... (too much information).

I'm gonna get ducks.  I'll paint a sign for the gate, "Don't Let the Ducks Out!" I'll get the pond back into working order and maybe fill it with minnows.

Ducks.  Yep. 

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  1. Good for you. I was just visiting with my 12-year-old niece who got 2 chick(en)s for Easter. She and her parents are quite taken with them, but they will place them on the farm of a friend and use them for egg production. There was a segment on NPR recently about raising chickens in urban apartments. It was very interesting. I have a friend who kept geese in her yard. They were her visitor alarm. Animals are interesting critters.