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This is a place to examine plans filled with hope; plans which promise a refuge from chaos; plans which will shape our futures. Veterans with and without PTSD, Pentecostal Presbyterians, Adjudicated Youth, and Artists-Musicians-Writers: I write what I know. ~~~ Evelyn

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Cluster of Branches

by Evelyn Rainey

Gray tendrils,

Laid barren by the Fall,

Swaying gently in the cruel wind,

Fake slumber and patiently wait.

Phloem and xylem stir sluggishly

As the cells drink Summer’s wages.

Naked under bitter Winter’s skies,

They give evidence of hope for Spring.

Reiterations of Nature’s design

For rivers and dendrites and split ends.

The eye knows the lonely, fragile, dying limbs;

Yet the heart sees their graceful subliminal youth.

(excerpted from Minna Pegeen)

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