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Thursday, April 24, 2014


(Now, this was interesting. I’m not sure why the cook went to the trouble of this, when I just assumed corn became dried once it was popped off the cob and kept until needed. But it’s interesting, should the need ever arise – here’s how!)

Fresh corn


Salt and sugar to taste

Boil corn on the cob until milk will not run when kernel is broken. Drain and cool. Cut grains off cob; spread on cloth and dry in sun for one day. Store in cloth bags until needed. Soak 1 pint dried corn in 1 quart water overnight. Simmer in same water for 2 hours, adding more boiling water if needed. Add butter, salt and sugar to taste before serving.

(Mrs. John Bauer, Interlachen, FL © Southern Living 1968)

Gluten-free and Vegetarian/Vegan Recipes

To meet my needs of being “gluten-free”, there are no ingredients that have wheat in them. Since one out of one-hundred people now have problems with the way the United States processes their foods, there are plenty of brands which are marked GF Gluten-free. However, read all the way around the label and determine if there might be traces of wheat or if the product was processed in a plant or on machinery that also handles wheat. (These statements are usually NOT found near the list of ingredients.) If this is the case and you are gluten-sensitive or have a wheat-toxicity, don’t use it!

I also deleted recipes which called for hidden gluten – like shrimp, frozen mangoes and parsnips.

Vegetarian foods allow the use of milk, honey, eggs, and other non-kill animal products; vegans do not. I have endeavored to post only recipes with vegan-appropriate ingredients. If I really liked something, though, that was vegetarian rather than vegan, I will note it.

Whenever possible, use non-GMO products (non-genetically modified).  If you think gmo’s are ok for you, you haven’t read any science fiction books, let alone Charles Darwin.

These recipes are not an attempt to substitute wheat or animal ingredients with something else. These recipes are “naturally” or originally gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan.

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