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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Online Vision Board

As a friend so recently reminded me - "Envision what you want (ask for it); Envision having it (believe it); Feel the emotional response to receiving it (be Grateful). And then release that to the Universe."

These are the things that I want:
  • to sell the trailer in Foxwood
  • to use that lot rent money towards marketing my books & promoting my writing career
  • to get a card reader linked to Paypal so I can let my customers use credit cards no matter where I set up for signings and conventions
  • to get a smartphone so I can use that card reader
  • to order 2 dozen of each t-shirt design currently being held on ooshirts
  • to find already made Tobogatan Betrothal Bracelets
  • or to make them myself
  • to find the sterling cubes for necklaces from Bedina's War
  • to set up all the domains I already have:
BedinasWar.com, TroughtonCompany.com, MinnaPegeen.com, ComestheWarrior.com, ToBuildtheArmy.com (after I rename it to the correct To Build An Army), ToHoldBacktheDark.com, TheIslandRemains.com
  • to have all those listed above not published yet be found by the right publisher
  • to have Patrick Stewart play the part of the Colonel in the movie version of Perky's Books  Gifts
  • to have Sir Derek Jacobi play the part of Tupelo in the movie version of Bedina's War
  • to have Tim Allen play the part of the Admiral (because even though the part rightfully belongs to William Shatner, I think it would be funnier to have Mr. Allen do it) in Perky's
  • to have Nathan Fillion play the role of Morgan in the whole 7 books series beginning with Comes the Warrior when it becomes a series or movies
  • to be invited and able to attend one convention a month
  • to write one manuscript draft a month
  • to fully edit and polish one manuscript draft a month
  • to develop a proposal packet and pitch one new manuscript a month
  • to find my "Joe"

The little voice inside my head is saying, "Whoa! That's a lot of wants and wishes. Don't be greedy!"
To which I reply, "The Universe is infinite and abundant. This is what I want. The Universe will bring it to fruition."

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