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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Forgot to give this a title - Sorry!

So, as you know, Perky's came out last week and I am really happy. Bedlam Press is a terrific publisher to work with. The quality of the paperback is top-notch. The cover is incredible! I'm selling the books and the bookstores are selling the books and the internet is selling the e-books  and all is right with the world.(except my enter key isn't working for some reason...) Bear with me. Today is the first day of my Winter Break, so of course, when the alarm went off for my med, my dog and kitten decided it was time to get up and it was their role in Fate and Fortune to make sure I complied with their decision.  So It's 7:00 in the morning, I've fed them, taken them out into the back yard (Sterling the Kitten loves it out there and has not come back in), fixed a 20 oz cup of coffee complete with demari sugar and goat's milk, and a bowl of gluten-free cheese grits.  Moonbeam has decided she's had enough of baby-sitting Sterling in the backyard and has taken over her usual roll as moderator of my keyboard. So if there are a few extraneous 8 strokes, she's adding her two cents to it.  A note - she helped name the Tobogatans.  (Oh, this enter key! )   Sterling has bounded back inside -   not content without an audience.   (begin new paragraph here) There! The Grammar Queen can relax!   (begin new paragraph here)
I have started a sequel to Perky's - most likely entitled Perky's Books and Jeremy's Jresses. It begins with Billy the Children's Department Coordinator telling Madison, "That's just wrong." No cussing, no 'pardon my French', just his heartfelt response to Doreen and her friends performing in the cafĂ© in their new group called "Belly Dancers for Jesus."

OH Look!! the enter key is working again!!!

Damn shame, I've said all I wanted to say today.

May you have a day full of joy and great discoveries. If you don't, you must not have wanted to. You realize you choose what you want to receive from the Universe. Be grumpy for all I care! I am going to have a wonderful day. (See, I'm not all heartless marketing - I didn't say a "perky day"!)  But if you've run out of clean clothes, there are shirts available on Evelyn's Emporium.

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