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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When the World says, "Big boys don't cry"

John 11:35
Jesus wept.

Who the hell came up with that stupid statement, "Big boys don't cry"?  And who is hardened enough to perpetuate this belief?

Well, obviously, a lot of people.  This generation - for all its enlightenment - tends to hold its emotions tightly sealed behind masks of pseudo-happiness.  It's embarrassing to laugh (joyfully) too loud.  It's civilized to keep your temper.  Honesty must always be couched in socially-acceptable terms.  Sorrow, grief, and mourning are consigned to the funeral home and graveside only.

The truth is - if we ever opened up and cried or laughed or sang or danced - we might never stop.

Don't cry but don't smile too much either.
Don't be depressed but don't be too happy either.

This world is so stupid sometimes.

Tears chemically detoxify your body.  Ever notice?
Jesus knew this.  Jesus cried.

If it is OK for Jesus to do something, surely it's OK for us to cry.  
Let sorrow and grief and pain exude from your body in each tear.

When the world says, "Big boys don't cry,"
God says, "Jesus wept."

My God, my heart is broken.  My heart is broken.  My heart is broken.  Heal me.  Please, God.  Wash away this agony with my tears.  Let me weep like Jesus wept.  Only then can my heart be healed.  Amen.

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