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This is a place to examine plans filled with hope; plans which promise a refuge from chaos; plans which will shape our futures. Veterans with and without PTSD, Pentecostal Presbyterians, Adjudicated Youth, and Artists-Musicians-Writers: I write what I know. ~~~ Evelyn

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mist on the Water

by Evelyn Rainey

Mist on the Water

Mist on the water

Ghosts under the bed

Monsters in the closet

Rings around the moon

Mist on the water

Thoughts in my head

Stories not yet written

Undecipherable rune

Mist on the water

Things I should have said

Cowardly civility

Unfamiliar tune

Mist on the water

Evening’s sky is red

Tomorrow is another day

July will follow June.

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