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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Show Your Support on Veterans Day

I believe in keeping things simple and doing what you can - when you can - to make a difference in the world. Below are twenty little things you can do which will show our Veterans your support. Yes, there are elaborate, great, expensive things you could do, but you probably won’t do those. Little things. Simple things. Things which could easily become a part of your every day life. That’s what I have listed below. You don’t have to do all of them on Nov. 11. But do one of them. And then do one the next day, and one the next. These suggestions work just as well on Memorial Day, or any other day of the year when you want to show your support of Veterans.

1. Fly the American Flag outside your house.

2. Wear red, white, and blue.

3. Buy and wear a poppy.

4. Attend a Veterans’ Day ceremony.

5. Write thank you notes to the Veterans you know.

6. Say the Pledge of Allegiance – out loud.

7. Sing our National Anthem – out loud.

8. Learn the words to and sing at least one of these songs:
a. Marines’ Hymn
b. Anchors Aweigh
c. The US Air Force
d. Caisson
e. Semper Paratus

9. Put miniature US Flags on the graves of servicemen at your local cemetery.

10. Call your favorite radio station and dedicate a patriotic song to a specific Veteran.

11. Stop everything you are doing at 11:00 on Nov. 11 and reflect on the enormity of sacrifice, duty, and honor which this day represents.

12. Send eleven dollars to eleven Veterans charities.

13. If you see a Veteran at a restaurant, anonymously pay for their meal. Write a brief “Thank you – you helped pay for my freedom by serving in the military” note on their paid bill.

14. Sign up to volunteer at a VA hospital, clinic, or resthome for eleven hours a month.

15. Make something with your own hands to give away: a Prayer Shawl for the PS4FS Dover Project, a lap quilt for a Veteran in a wheel chair, chemo caps to the VA hospitals.

16. Offer to escort a military widow to a Veterans Day service.

17. Write your local bank, post office, county/city hall and express your appreciation for them closing for Veterans Day.

18. Donate extra blankets to Homeless Veterans shelters.

19. Write, call, or email a politician in support of one of the many Veteran-related amendments.

20. Teach your children and your grandchildren about Veterans Day.


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