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Friday, October 12, 2012

Orchidean Eyes

Orchidean Eyes

Sung to “The Long-horn Cow”

I’m going to leave Orchidea,
To fight the monsters far away.
Farewell my children and my herds,
‘Til in the Tree’s Embrace I lay.
The slavers thought to capture me
While on the banks of Cousteau I fought,
But first I stabbed and then I flew
And never by the slavers got caught.
My ship was captured by salvagers
And though they sold most of the crew,
The monsters took one look at me
And women began to form a queue.
For my loins were Commonwealth
And well bountiful were my seeds.
I reckon most of the births on Noviskaya
Were the result of all my mighty deeds.
DamLince claims they won the war
But we’ll never believe their lies,
For one hundred children on Noviskaya
Have Orchidean faces and Orchidean eyes.

Songs and Stories from A Filker’s Companion to Bedina’s War

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